5 Reasons Why Your Bounce Rate is So High

Posted - September 20, 2018

By definition, your site’s bounce rate is the percentage of site visitors that quickly leave your website after spending limited time on your first page. Even though this may seem alarming in SEO reports, high bounce rates are actually quite common for pages that have not been professionally optimized. With the help of an efficient SEO like Dallas SEO Dogs, you can easily avoid these 5 common bounce-rate boosters.

1. Your Pages Load Too Slow

Is your slow homepage turning off potential clients? This is usually the case when a site has an excess of images, multimedia, and scripts. When you create your pages and include too many of these design aspects, your site takes too long to load. We live in a society where everything is instantly available. Therefore, if your site takes even four seconds to load, you have probably already lost the interest of most of your audience.

2. Poor Site Design

No one likes to dig around for what they came for on a website. Your site needs to be skimmable and not written in the format of a commercial novel. If your site is lacking headings, subheadings, and blocks of easy to follow text, then even if your page loads quickly, having the immediate information unavailable will turn readers away. Designing your site to be easily navigated is important. So many DIY site designers try to break the mold and end up creating such a unique product that the user experience is essentially lost to poor design.

3. Multimedia Overload

Although multimedia is definitely a must on your pages, having too much or misusing this tool can lead to a surging bounce rate. Most people enjoy clicking on multimedia options by choice. Usually, people tend to turn away from site pages that automatically start a loud video or bombard them with instant pop-ups. There is definitely a strategic way to utilize multimedia on your landing pages and hold visitor’s attention. Working with a professional SEO can help you incorporate calls-to-action and make your multimedia efforts relevant.

4. No Mobility

No Mobility On Your SiteIn the modern age, a business’ site that isn’t mobile-friendly is simply cutting themselves off from success. This is especially true if the business is offering immediate services like a car tow. Most of the population gets their consumer information from their mobile devices. Therefore, having a site that is designed to be compatible with mobile users is key to keeping your bounce rate low. If you notice that your site is ranking low on mobile devices, an experienced SEO like Dallas SEO Dogs can help you test your mobile experience and determine if your site needs a redesign with a mobile-first approach.

5. Lack of Enticing Content = Bounce!

Amazing content that keeps readers hooked is key to the success of your site. It is important to create content that is useful to an audience and gives them something for their time spent on your page. Having low-quality and under optimized content is one of the biggest reasons that people opt to leave a content-heavy site. Knowing how to write excellent content is one of the biggest factors of success when writing for an internet audience.

Find Out How Dallas SEO Dogs Help Lower Your Bounce Rate!

Having a high bounce rate can really hurt your business as a whole, and redesigning your page to meet higher standards can be a journey for the average owner. By working with Dallas SEO Dogs on the optimization of your site, you can ensure that your success will become our priority. Contact us today to find out more about how our services have helped several Dallas-based businesses.