7 Content Tweaks to Rank Higher in 2024 Search

Posted - December 31, 2023
Content Writer Success in 2024

Forget keyword stuffing and algorithm chasing. 2024 is all about EEAT, baby! Google wants the most expert, authoritative, and trustworthy (EEAT) content to rise to the top, and that means your content needs to be a symphony of expertise, engagement, and trust. 

Ready to make your content irresistible to both search engines and humans? Buckle up because we’re about to unleash 7 power plays that will transform your content game:

#1 — It’s All About Search Intent

Keywords are just the tip of the iceberg: you’ve got to dive deeper and understand the “why” behind every search. 

Is someone looking for a quick recipe fix, in-depth financial advice, or emotional support after a rough day? 

Craft your content to fulfill that specific need, desire, or emotion. Here’s how:

Use tools like Google Trends and AnswerThePublic to understand what questions people are asking about your topic.

See what content is already ranking for your target keywords. What are its strengths and weaknesses? How can you do it better?

Think like a detective. What deeper needs or concerns might lie beneath the surface of a search query?

Think with compassion: What do users need, want, and desire? What’s the FAQ landscape like? Do you see many of the same questions, pain points, or suggestions?

#2 — Research in Overdrive

Don’t just write; research like your life depends on it! Dig up the most credible sources:

Official reports and government sites are gold mines for authoritative data and statistics.

Tap into the wisdom of experts with academic journals and peer-reviewed research.

Keep up with trends and insights using reputable industry publications and blogs.

But here’s the key: Don’t just list citations like trophies. Weave their insights seamlessly into your content to back up your claims and add depth. Remember, Google loves to see you playing with the big boys.

#3 — Storytelling Is Everything

Facts are essential, but stories are what make your content stick. Use real-life examples, case studies, and even personal anecdotes to:

Relatable, engaging content: People connect with stories, so show them how your expertise benefits real people, not just faceless robots.

Illustrate complex concepts clearly and memorably. A well-told story can break down even the densest topic into bite-sized pieces.

Add emotional depth and build trust. People are more likely to remember and trust someone they connect with.

#4 — Be a Content Architect

Structure is your friend! Don’t let your original content be a rambling mess. Here’s how to build a content mansion:

Organize your thoughts logically using headings, subheadings, and bullet points to guide readers through your ideas.

Break up text with visuals like images, infographics, and videos to engage readers and make your content more scannable.

Don’t forget internal linking! Connect your content to other relevant pages to keep visitors exploring and boost your SEO.

#5 — Let Your Expertise Shine Through

You know your stuff, so don’t be afraid to show it! Here are some ways to flaunt your expertise:

  • Offer your original take on the topic and share your unique perspective and insights. Don’t just regurgitate what everyone else is saying. 
  • Express informed opinions and engage in debate. Don’t shy away from controversial topics. Show your audience that you’re not afraid to take a stand.
  • Use data and evidence to back up your claims. Don’t just say it, prove it! Cite statistics, research findings, and real-world examples to solidify your credibility.

#6 — SEO Still Matters, But Remember the Human Element

Okay, some search engine optimization (SEO) is essential. Here’s the healthy balance:

  • Research and incorporate keywords people search for, but don’t stuff them into your content like a Thanksgiving turkey.
  • Write clear, concise meta descriptions that accurately reflect your content.
  • Connect your content to other relevant pages on your site to improve UX and SEO.

Just remember — and this is a big one! — you’re writing for humans, not robots

Prioritize readability and natural language over keyword-stuffed gibberish. Google rewards good writing, so write like you’re talking to a friend, not a machine.

#7 — Build the Trust Bridge, Brick by Brick

Trust takes time and effort, but it’s the golden ticket to E-E-A-T heaven. Here’s how you can build that trust bridge, brick by brick:

Become a thought leader, not just a content creator.

  • Respond to comments, participate in industry forums, and host Q&A sessions. Show interest in genuine interaction, not just broadcasting your message.
  • Guest blogging on reputable sites expands your reach and establishes your authority.
  • Speak at conferences and events to share your knowledge and expertise with a broader audience.

Create valuable resources! Offer truly useful ebooks, white papers, or webinars. Give people a taste of your expertise and build trust in your brand.

Fact-check everything you write: Don’t publish anything you’re not 100% sure about. Double-check your sources and be transparent about any limitations or uncertainties.

Edit and proofread ruthlessly: Typos and grammatical errors scream “amateur.” Make sure your content is polished and professional.

Be transparent about your affiliations and sponsorships: If you’re writing sponsored content, disclose it clearly. Build trust by being upfront and honest.

Update your content regularly: The world is constantly changing, so make sure your content is, too. Keep your information fresh and relevant.

Remember, building trust is a marathon, not a sprint. By consistently delivering high-quality, engaging, and trustworthy content, you’ll earn the respect of both Google and your audience. And that’s the recipe for long-term success in the ever-evolving world of content marketing.

Now, go forth and conquer the EEAT realm with your content superpowers! Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Use your newfound knowledge to create content that informs, inspires, and makes the world a better place.

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