How to Find Long-Tail Keywords That Break SEO Barriers

Posted - July 22, 2020
Breaking SEO barriers

Keywords are the heart and soul of search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, but competition for generic industry terms is tough. Relying on competitive keywords in your content will seriously handicap your results in the near future and limit your long-term success, too. If you’re ready to stop relying on high-competition keywords and move into keyword nirvana, welcome to the world of long-tail keywords. Here’s a look at how these keywords transform your SEO results and how to find them before your competitors catch wind.

What Are Long-Tail Keywords?

It’s tempting to focus on ranking well for the simplest keyword phrases since they get the most searches. Unfortunately, they’re also the most difficult to rank well for, because so many other sites focus on those same terms. So, how can you stand out from the crowd with keywords that you’ve cherry-picked for your audience? Long-tail keywords. These keywords are actually key phrases. They’re longer than most keywords, but convert better because they’re more specific. For example, let’s say your business sells running shoes. You’d guess that the keywords with the highest number of searches might be :

  • Shoes
  • Running Shoes

Unless you’re a massive brand, your site probably won’t rank well for these generic terms. If searchers do go far enough into the results to find you, they’ll be very unlikely to become a customer. Instead, try long-tail keywords like “buy running shoes with flexibility”! These long-tail keywords match the user’s search intent better, so they should also convert more of them to customers. BONUS: Long-tail keywords are also easier to rank for since fewer sites compete for longer phrases.


Finding Long-Tail Keywords

Surprisingly, long-tail keywords are easy to find! You just need to know where to look. We guarantee that if you follow these tips, you’ll find a long-tail creeping out of the keyword bushes in no time!

Make Google Your Free Keyword Tool

Keyword research tools are an excellent source, but sometimes a good old-fashioned Google search helps you personalize your keyword opportunities! Search for a common keyword and uncover several relevant long-tail keywords through Google Suggest, “People Also Ask”, and Google’s related searches.  These results are phrases and queries that real-life users have searched for. Not only do they give you ideas for long-tail keywords to use in your content, but they also give a concrete idea of your target audience’s desires.

Searches related

Invest in Genuine Keyword Research Tools

If you don’t want to dig around on Google, there are several keyword research tools that can help uncover useful long-tail phrases. Research tools like SEMRush and Ahrefs help your business keep track of keyword difficulty and rankings in real-time. Their long-tail keywords tools help hone in on the direction of your strategy. Not only that, but research tools save you time and resources that could be better spent creating content that converts! If you want to be thorough, don’t stop at one research tool. Every tool has its unique benefits, and the more tools at your disposal, the more long-tail keywords you have for industry domination.

Use PPC Reports to Your Advantage

Your pay-per-click (PPC) strategy can support your SEO goals by helping you discover long-tail keywords. Consider your PPC’s Search Query Report as a treasure map that leads to higher-converting long-tail keywords. A Search Query Report goes beyond showing your organic search results and details the queries that brought in the clicks! Use this report to uncover the long-tail keywords that currently drive traffic and lead to conversions. Google Ads Keyword Planner Tool is also another PPC tool that helps with long-tail keywords.  The advantage of Keyword Planner is that It gives monthly search volumes from the last 12 months for any phrase you type in.

Lurk on Q&A Sites

One of the easiest ways to find the right keyword phrases is by listening to your audience’s questions. Take some time to cruise popular Q&A sites and find out what people are asking about! Google is focused on answering user questions, so if the keywords you focus on help lead to relevant content, you’ll be on the fast-track to page one in no time. Some great sites that clearly spell out what people are searching for are:

  • Quora
  • LinkedIn Answers
Find the right keyword strategy

Find the Right Long-Tail Keywords With Dallas SEO Dogs

It’s easy to find long-tail keywords, but difficult to find the keywords that are a perfect match for your goals. Don’t let keyword research take up your time with few tangible results. Trust our team at Dallas SEO Dogs to uncover the right long-tail keywords and apply them aptly to your overall SEO strategy. We’re ready to meet you and help your brand succeed. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation with one of our SEO experts.