How to Write a Meta Description That Leads to Conversions

Posted - December 30, 2018

When you search the web for anything, you are guaranteed to stumble upon some meta descriptions in your search results. The meta description is the text within your meta tags that essentially tells a visitor what the page is all about. When your goal is solid SEO that boosts your rankings and conversions, it’s important to make sure your page’s meta description is worth the click.

meta-descriptions-matterWhy Do Meta Descriptions Matter?

As mentioned above, your meta description’s content shows up in search results. Your SEO efforts are in place to attract search traffic for your site. As the initial sneak preview of your page, it is extremely important that your meta description helps an audience decide to click on your link. Billions of searches take place every minute of the day, so make sure that your meta description is one that is optimized well from the start.

How Can I Optimize a Meta Description?

There are several ways to optimize your meta descriptions to help target search traffic for your site. The goal is to create a high CTR on your pages so that you can show up in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Here are five ways that you can best optimize your tags to help boost future rankings.

1. Length Matters to Google

You don’t want your meta description to be so long that search engines cut it off prematurely. The goal is to keep your tags between 130 and 160 characters, with your most important keywords near the front of your text.

use-keywords-in-meta-descriptions2. Focus on Keywords

When you sit down to write a meta description, think about what your goal is with the promotion of this specific page. Use the most important keywords that you can to promote this goal. Google usually bolds your useful keywords that fit searches similar to your page, so it’s fairly easy to stay on track.

3. Make the Copy Flow

With the rise of voice search, conversational copy is where content is quickly headed. Writing something that is stuffed with keywords and reads robotically will turn readers off and have them scanning for the next choice. Make your copy flow well and read like It was written by a human, not an automaton.

4. Use the Copy as an Ad for Its Page

Your meta description is the salesman for your page. This is where you show your potential customers all of the great things they are in for when they click on your link. When you write a meta tag, make sure the focus is on how this content can benefit their life.

5. Rich Snippets Always Work

Schema markup is a great way to add to your meta description’s overall appeal. This can best be used in the form of:

  • Customer reviews
  • Product information
  • Star ratings for your product

Use SEO Services to Create Meta Descriptions That Increase Your Page’s Value

use-great-meta-descriptions-to-increase-page-valueAlthough your meta description is a shorter piece of content, it is probably one of the most important aspects of your SEO strategy. Getting the snippet right is essential to bringing in clients and making conversions. Dallas SEO Dogs is an SEO company that specializes in creating content of all sizes that follows Google’s current standards and gives audiences the information they need. If you need help with content creation and optimization, We’d love to help you. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our services.