Why Should a New Brand Hire an SEO Team Over Using an Automated Program?

Posted - November 3, 2021
Small Business Owner Considering Using An SEO Automation Tool

While “automatic software” may seem like a big, affordable win for your search engine optimization (SEO), there are many cases where a real team is more helpful than an application.

Let’s take a deep dive into what automated SEO is and why working with a living, breathing team of experts can help your SEO push your brand towards greatness in the long run.

What is Automated SEO?

Automatic SEO is the use of automated software to help speed up the implementation of your SEO strategy. It can automatically complete some SEO tasks that would otherwise require manual work. For those who understand its limitations and how and when to use it (more on that later), automated SEO can save time. 

What Makes an SEO Team a More Effective Choice?

From scheduling tasks like meta content creation, technical SEO audits, and keyword density checks, it’s easy to see why some business owners may view an automated program as a shortcut or alternative to working with an SEO firm.

However, let’s hone in on some of the reasons why combining software with the help of an SEO firm is the best choice for your search engine strategy.

Automated Software Still Requires Experience

If you’re a new business owner and want to get your brand a head start in the search engine results pages (SERPs), jumping head-first into automated software is a time-consuming process that will take your time away from running your business.

While automated software does help make several aspects of SEO more accessible, you still need to have a strong understanding of SEO to use the information from automated software to your advantage.

An experienced SEO team can help you accomplish everything on a higher level than an automated program can… and the best part is, they’re available to answer your questions and help you understand the “why” behind their SEO efforts. 

Manual SEO Gives You Full Site Control

When you leave your site in the hands of automated software, your site runs the risk of falling into a failing pattern when SEO changes are necessary across your website. 

Getting ahead of the competition and staying on top of algorithm changes is something that you want complete control over. Remember, while companies sell automated software as an instant ranking package, the truth is that you still have to put in a lot of work to get your site ranking well.

Full site control through manual SEO allows you to:

  • Create content that is timely and relevant to audience preferences and current hot topic keywords. This also allows you to respond to important industry events as they happen. With automated content, you’ve essentially boxed yourself into a schedule that could leave you short-handed when a high-authority content opportunity arises.
  • Respond immediately to audience questions and concerns. This is especially important for younger brands as they try to obtain authority within their industry.
  • Focus on the quality of the content you produce rather than an outpouring of scheduled low-quality content that doesn’t help your SEO.

Manual SEO Creates High-Quality Links

One of the biggest issues we’ve seen with clients that relied on completely automated SEO in the past is the low quality of their links. While automated tools may aid in the speed of the links they build, once again, the quantity rarely outweighs the quality. 

Manual SEO gives your brand the chance to create quality links to pages that you want third-party websites to pick up as authority backlinks. Automated programs are unable to properly determine which content is your site’s best content, and may create links to pages that include a certain keyword but aren’t actually as focused on the keyword as another page may be. When this happens, search engines crawl your linked pages and quickly label them as low-authority (a label that severely impacts your ranking).

Automatic SEO Can Lead to Spammy Backlinks

Automated campaigns also may build large amounts of backlinks to your brand’s websites. Some of those may be relevant, but some may be low quality or harmful. Either way, without the organic touch of manual SEO, search engines will view your fast and large backlink growth as spammy practices and result in tarnished SERPs results.

Your Brand is More Personable

Scheduled posts can be great when you have an actual strategy in place, but scheduling mindlessly just makes your brand seem stand-offish towards your customer base. Let’s face facts, consumers these days are smart and have wised up to see the differences between organic and automated content. Although some established authoritative brands can get away with creating conversions with automated content, a growing company isn’t likely to be as lucky.

You want your brand to have its own voice. A digital marketing team that works with you to create a unique voice can help you create original content that establishes trust and makes your brand a go-to property for your customer’s needs.

Make Your Success Seem Automatic With Dallas SEO Dogs

If you are curious about implementing an SEO strategy into your brand or don’t feel like you’re getting the bang for your buck out of your automated software, the team at Dallas SEO Dogs wants to talk to you!

We are an SEO firm that helps take the wheel on all of your ranking needs and lets you focus on your business while we practice effective SEO strategies that go beyond software programming.

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