Why Social Media is More Than Just Facebook

Posted - September 14, 2018

Many people believe that the position of a Social Media Specialist at a business is simply creating Facebook posts and updating Twitter or Instagram once in a while. Although these things are technically actions that SM specialists perform, achieving excellent marketing through social media is so much more than a daily update. Still have questions? That’s okay! Here are a few examples of how this area of marketing, when implemented professionally, can become a tool to boost your brand’s bottom line.

Social Media Simply Boosts Your SEO

If you work with an SEO like Dallas SEO Dogs, your pages will be examined and optimized to rank highly on Google and other search partners. By implementing a social media marketing plan in your budget, you will be able to bring traffic to these optimized pages and ensure that your excellent content is seen.

It Helps You Truly Understand Your Audience

understanding-your-brand-audienceMany business owners believe that they have a grasp on what their audience is looking for in their brand and attempt to perform DIY social management. However, everyone knows that tastes and trends change, and sometimes keeping up with the Joneses can be difficult. Social Media is a full-time job in itself. Thus, as a business owner, you may not have the time to crawl through your business’ social outlets to examine the ebb and flow of your client’s buying trends. By working with a trained specialist, you will be able to understand how your audience is changing and how your business can adapt and cater to these new desires. Some insight that your social media can show includes:

  • The websites they are visiting
  • The social posts from your company that are being shared
  • The products they are buying
  • Why they are interested in certain trends

Social Media Gets You Ahead in the Targeting Game

Targeting and retargeting ads are key to your success, especially if you are selling a product or service that is high in competition. Social media outlets provide you the tools to create precise, targeted ads that give your audience exactly what they need as a sales hook. One tool that has proven useful for this process is Facebook Ads. This resource and others will be able to instantly target specific demographics like age, location, and industry. While this all may sound easy, it isn’t. In short, your ads will hit off target if they are produced unprofessionally and without the keyword research and creative content behind a solid SEO effort.

Build Your Brand Loyalty

Research has shown that if your business is constantly active online, you will eventually obtain a loyal customer following. Social media creates this magic through your strategic posts that offer industry insight, helpful hints, and entertainment. Charismatic personalities usually draw people in, and your social media pages should be no different. Excellent targeted content provided by an experienced SEO are the secret to making your posts trustworthy and valuable to your audience.

Create a Unique Brand Personality

Beyond just the services that SEO Dogs can provide, social media really allows you to get personal with your audience through live video, Snapchat, stories, and more. Whereas companies could hide behind the face of their brands before, now more than ever, it’s important for the company to have its own face and personalities as well.

Dallas SEO Dogs Get Social For Your Business!

At Dallas SEO Dogs we have a highly experienced social media team that truly understands the art of SEO and social media. Through our tried and true processes, our team will be able to boost your brand through carefully planned social media posts that create results. Get in touch with us today so that we can talk with you about why your business needs a strong social media and SEO presence like Dallas SEO Dogs behind it.