Using AI for Keyword Research and Business Intelligence

Posted - October 20, 2023

A comprehensive understanding of your competitors is of great strategic advantage in the fiercely competitive search engine optimization (SEO) arena. AI-powered tools have revolutionized how businesses approach competitive analysis, offering a wealth of data-driven insights that might previously have been more challenging to obtain.

Competitor analysis is just one part of your marketing strategy and business intelligence (BI), and AI can help with both. Let’s update your keywords, start developing new market-first SEO strategies, and get some great backlinks — all with AI to help improve the quality, speed, and scale of your work.

Backlink Analysis: Unearthing Link-Building Strategies

Backlinks, inbound links from other sites to yours, are one of the cornerstones of SEO. 

Backlinks signal authority and credibility to search engines, which is pivotal in ranking your search results. AI tools make it easier to analyze competitor backlinks, giving you strategic insights you can use immediately.

Identifying Backlink Sources

AI tools can meticulously scan competitor websites and compile a comprehensive list of not just the number of backlinks but the quality and authority of the domains linking in.

Analyzing Anchor Text

AI-driven analysis goes beyond counting backlinks and includes analysis of the anchor text in these backlinks. This shows how your competitors optimize their anchor text for relevant keywords.

Discovering Link-Building Strategies

By examining competitor backlink profiles, you get insight into their link-building strategies, including the types of content or outreach methods that prove most effective in your niche.

Keyword Analysis: Uncovering Ranking Opportunities

Figuring out the keywords your competitors rank for provides valuable insight into the competitive landscape and its gaps and opportunities.

Competitor Keyword Ranking

AI tools can extract a list of keywords for which your competitors are currently ranking, which should go a long way in helping you shape your keyword strategy.

Keyword Difficulty Assessment

AI tools can estimate the difficulty of ranking for specific keywords, helping you prioritize your SEO efforts and focus on keywords that offer the best ROI.

Gap Analysis

Comparing your website’s keyword rankings with those of your competitors can help you quickly identify gaps in your content and keyword targeting. This informs your content strategy and helps target keywords your competitors may have overlooked.

Developing Your SEO Strategy: Competitive Insights

You can now craft a data-driven SEO strategy using the wealth of data you get from backlink and keyword analysis of competitor websites.

Link-Building Strategies

Adapt and enhance your link-building strategies based on the backlink sources and anchor text patterns observed in competitor profiles.

Content Optimization

Create and optimize content that targets the keywords your competitors are ranking for while offering unique value.

Strategic Content Creation

Keyword gaps allow you to fulfill unmet user intent, giving you an edge in attracting traffic with relevant content.

Performance Benchmarking

Regularly monitoring your website’s performance against competitors lets you make agile adjustments to your SEO strategy as needed.

Rank Tracking and Business Intelligence (BI)

Rank tracking is a fundamental aspect of SEO and involves monitoring your ranking for specific keywords over time. AI tools offer distinct advantages in this process:

Continuous Monitoring

AI tools can continuously and automatically monitor your SERP performance. This means real-time insights into how your content ranks for target keywords so you can stay flexible.

Historical Data Analysis

A historical record of your rankings lets you track your progress and identify trends over weeks, months, or even years. This historical perspective is great for spotting patterns and fluctuations.

Granular Keyword Tracking

AI tools can track many keywords, including long-tail and location-specific variations. You can comprehensively understand your SEO performance across different search queries.

Leveraging Rank Tracking Data for SEO Improvement

Rank tracking data offers more than just a numerical ranking position — it provides actionable insights to drive your SEO strategy.

Identifying Trends

Analyzing rank-tracking data can help identify trends in how your rank positions change over time. This could reveal seasonality, industry shifts, or the impact of search engine algorithm updates.

Competitor Benchmarking

Some AI tools can also track competitor rankings, the better to help highlight areas where you’re excelling or falling behind.

Content Optimization

When you notice a specific page declining in rank, that’s a cue to revisit and optimize it immediately. AI can help identify keywords or aspects of your content that need improving.

AI-Powered Predictive Analytics: Staying Ahead of the Curve

AI tools process extensive data sets and use predictive analytics to forecast future SEO trends.

Predicting Algorithm Changes

Analyze historical data to predict potential changes in search engine algorithms, giving you the foresight to adapt your SEO strategy proactively.

Anticipating Industry Shifts

By monitoring broader industry trends and combining them with your historical ranking data, AI tools can help anticipate shifts in consumer behavior or market dynamics that may affect SEO.

Long-Term Strategy Development

Predictive analytics can aid in your long-term SEO strategy. For example, if AI predicts an increasing trend in voice search, you could start optimizing for voice queries ahead of your competitors.

Let Dallas SEO Dogs Help Guide Your Site Into the Future

AI-powered tools offer a wealth of data-driven insights that could previously be hard to find or create. As their use proliferates, so does the skill needed to take full advantage of them.

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