Create a Keyword Strategy, but Remember to Use it in Social Media!

Posted - April 27, 2012
This is a short, but important, post.   I've seen more than a few new clients who have spent a lot of time and effort trying to develop Read More

Klout: an Emerging Social Media Meter

Posted - March 13, 2012
If you haven't yet heard about Klout, you soon will.   Klout is a "social media relevance" meter that attempts to calculate your social Read More

Should We Still Call this SEO?

Posted - February 17, 2012
"We're called Dallas SEO Dogs."  "Do you guys just do SEO?"   Well, no... but we like to call it SEO for the purpose of simplicity. Read More

Dallas SEO Dogs

Posted - February 10, 2012
Many of ouf clients mention social media as the most difficult task they face, not only because they lack experience, but also because Read More

Why Dallas SEO Dogs Doesn

Posted - January 30, 2012
A lot of SEO companies outsource their work to groups overseas that (a) aren't native speakers and (b) don't really know what they're Read More

Take Part in the Dialogue on the Disastrous Legislation that is SOPA

Posted - January 23, 2012
You may have noticed some of the Internet's most influential sites like WordPress and WikiPedia "going dark" recently to protest the Read More

Helping Resellers Determine a Good Budget for our Services

Posted - January 13, 2012
Resellers often ask how to come up with a recommended budget for clients for a wide array of marketing services, and how to fit SEO/SEM Read More

*Surprise!* Google+ Pages Showing up Highly in Search Results!

Posted - December 27, 2011
*Surprise!*  Google+ Pages Showing up Highly in Search Results!   The popularity of Google+ has been slow out of the gate, but Google Read More

Facebook Page Relaunched

Posted - December 20, 2011
We've re-launched our facebook page.  We promise to post frequently... that's a direct order from the boss!  There's a 25% coupon for Read More

SEO Trends

Posted - December 16, 2011
Dallas SEO Dogs doesn't lag behind the pack when it comes to trends in search engine optimization.  Ten years ago, putting tiny text at Read More