Penguin 2.0 is Out!

Posted - May 24, 2013
The long awaited and much-ballyhooed Penguin 2.0 went live yesterday and we've already had some panicked emails overnight about the Read More

Stepping Back: SEO, Time, and The Big Picture

Posted - May 20, 2013
What’s Taking So Long?   One of the most common problems SEO companies face is in getting clients to realize the process and time Read More

SEO: Scientific Education Optimization?

Posted - May 15, 2013
Yes, yes…we know, last week Google gave us their usual heads-up of an impending Google Penguin update, sending SEO writers into Read More

5 SEO Mistakes Solved by The Man Himself: Googles Matt Cutts

Posted - May 3, 2013
If you work in SEO, you know about Google’s SEO Guru/Web Engineer Matt Cutts and his Webmaster Help series of videos. Recently, Cutts Read More

Tip of The Day: Google Webmaster Tools Notifications

Posted - April 18, 2013
Pay attention to your Google Webmaster Tools notifications! They frequently alert users about increases in server errors and outages, Read More

Bing Announces Product Ads Coming This Summer

Posted - April 11, 2013
Yesterday, Bing Ads revealed its plan to introduce a Product Ads features sometime in early summer. The ad format “allows retail Read More

5 Steps to a Cleaner SEO Warehouse

Posted - April 8, 2013
Now that we’ve seen some of the long-term effects of Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, it’s time to clean out your SEO closet. Read More

Forget Link-Building. Build a Relationship!

Posted - April 4, 2013
We’ve discussed back links and link building before. If we could give only one piece of advice to our clients, it would be that link Read More

Google Discontinues Its Block List Feature: Fair or Foul?

Posted - March 28, 2013
Two years ago Google introduced a blocked sites feature; allowing users to block undesired sites while using Google's search engine.   Read More

Latest Google Penguin Algorithm Changes Set an Even Stricter Standard for Backlinks

Posted - March 26, 2013
The most serious problem we see with most of our new clients is bad backlinks. The past several years have seen an increase in purchased Read More